Maxine Smith

President & Founder



Project Hope for a New Day, Inc.’s vision is to bring hope and the “dawn of a new day” to the lives of children in need by providing assistance to inner city schools through financial and educational support   We seek to impact children  in their development and growth by working with schools in their goals and curriculum.



Our commitment is to assist one school per year with various programs whether already established or newly introduced by our organization.   We will work closely with the school,s governing authorities to achieve and attain their goals through philanthropy, civic, social, educational and service.  We are founded on the premise that each child, when provided with the right developmental tool, will succeed thereby strengthening the community and resulting in a better world .

PHFANDI Team Jamaica

Cleveland Streete
“I am committed to the task of helping our children, to develop a sense of pride and independence, and not to expect others to do for them what they should do for themselves”

Josette Lindo
“A guidance counselor who is committed to advance, the independence and productivity of individuals through self actualization and cultural awareness”

Sadie Muirhead
“Children are precious gifts from the Lord and I embrace every opportunity to help them reach their fullest potential. Therefore, I stay committed in service with PHFANDI to help our children learn how to embrace each new day, with gratitude, love and hope”

Claire Smith
“Each child deserves the right to enjoy and gain a proper education. Through this organization students will get the opportunity to participate and be enlightened. With this, I am committed to give every child hope for a new day”